9Round Kickbox Fitness Louisville CO
9Round Kickbox Fitness Louisville CO
375 S McCaslin Blvd A
LouisvilleCO 80027
 (720) 398-9977

Reviews Of 9Round Kickbox Fitness Louisville CO

4.99 118 Reviews
Larry Henshaw
May 19, 2018

Pamela P
May 16, 2018

Not only are the exercises changed on a daily basis (which makes things more interesting), the staff is engaging, helpful, friendly and all around superb! This is not your average, boring, same ol' exercise routine. Come and find out... just not when I go (I like the attention I get) ;).

Lindsey Pisano
May 10, 2018

Amazing workout! Great trainers! Never boring, great for ALL ability levels.

Elizabeth Dial
Apr 11, 2018

Love 9Round in Louisville. I can fit my workouts into my schedule and know that I’m going to get there and have a focused and challenging workout. The trainers are great - providing guidance when necessary and motivation. The overall vibe in the evening is great. I look forward to every workout there.

Melinda Golde
Apr 10, 2018

Amazing workout in only 30 minutes. I love the Chamberlain Lane location. All the trainers are great and the different workouts everyday keep you energized and motivated.

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